Helpie FAQ

  • What experience level do you need to take these classes?

    All levels are welcome!

  • What if I want to join a group session but there aren’t enough sign-ups for the course yet?

    You can organize your own group to get started immediately. Otherwise, you will have to wait until there’s at least one other sign up for any particular group course.

  • How many students are in the group classes?

    Classes can range from 2-6 students per group

  • Do you teach homeschool classes?

    As of now, No. But we have gotten many requests for it and may add it as a class option in the future.

  • What age group are these classes for?

    The short answer is, We teach classes for all ages! The more detailed answer is, our most popular age range is 21-45 years of age. Our largest youth group ranges from ages 11-18. We offer classes to elementary school age students as well however, online conference style learning proves to be more difficult for younger students as their attention spans are much shorter. We are offering a Pre K & Kindergarten class that is more performance and experiential learning based rather than lecture and instruction based as many of our classes for older students are.

  • I'm debating between several classes. Which class should I take?

    Please visit the website for class descriptions. Also see class testimonial videos and reviews via the MUniversity Studies website.

  • Are the classes ongoing or seasonal?

    Some classes run concurrently and others are offered seasonal and monthly.

  • Can I make payment arrangements?

    Partial Payments must be requested and approved via email by the company owner, Mumu Fresh. Payment arrangements will be decided on an individual basis.

  • Are individual classes available for purchase?

    Yes, but only after completing one of the 4 week packages.

  • How many classes are in each package?

    The two packages we are currently promoting are once a week for 4 weeks or twice a week for 4 weeks.

  • How long is each class?

    Classes can range from 1 hour to 1.5

  • How much is a class?

    One one One classes with Mumu Fresh are $100 per class. Group classes with Mumu Fresh are $50 per class.