MUniversity Studies is a reimagined music education program that approaches the business of creating & releasing music from a culturally responsible, independent and holistic perspective.

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Four Week Courses

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Heart Song

Therapeutic Songwriting and Frequency Healing

Heart song is a 4 week course where we will explore the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that shape our moods and behaviors using songwriting techniques, and chakra coordinating healing frequencies and melodic tones. This course aims to bring awareness to our toxic emotions and release them in a creative, affirmative musical expression.


Vocal Coaching & Ear Training


  • Vocal warm ups with scales
  • Ear training
  • Diction and delivery
  • Breathing techniques
  • Cadence & Rhthym
  • Vocal improv & scatting 101
  • How to create YOUR OWN SOUND
  • How to choose the right song for your voice

Art After Birth

A Musical Support Group for Creative Mothers

Many mothers struggle to find the time & space for creativity. ‘After Afterbirth’ is a creative support group for mothers to hone their musical skills. We meet weekly to write songs and share our musical ideas In this class participants will learn strategic, holistic, & effective tools to improve artistry, grow impact and fulfill our creative purpose in the world.


The Art of The Mic Controller


  • Learn literary devices to enhance your rhymes
  • How to structure a song
  • Learn rhymes patterns
  • Learn to count bars (the right way)
  • Enhance delivery and cadence
  • Learn the art of storytelling
  • Learn what makes an infectious hook
  • Practice timing, spacing, coloring, and rhythm
  • How record pre-production drafts of your original song

The Business

Independent Music Business 101 & 102


  • How to write split sheets & producer agreements
  • Distribution vs Recording Contracts
  • How to protect your Intellectual property
  • How to market your art and set up e-commerce branding
  • How to register with a PRO & receive royalties
  • How to increase impact & grow your fanbase
  • How to book your own tours

Songwriting 101

The Art of Popular Songwriting


  • Top 40 song structure
  • Utilizing literary devices for added impact
  • How to organize your many thoughts into a cohesive song
  • How to write a catchy hook
  • How to count bars (the right way)
  • Cadence, & Rhythm & Delivery
  • How record pre-production drafts of your original song

The Booth

Vocal Production & Recording – AUG 1


  • How to use a DAW to record vocals at home
  • How to stack vocals properly
  • How to arrange song parts and adlibs
  • How to learn harmony placement, timing, delivery & spacing
  • How to give your best recorded performance
  • How to add effects and basic mix to your recording

Freedom Songs

Music for change


  • Study the rich history of protest music throughout the world
  • Learn what makes a song anthemic
  • Learn to use Art as Activism
  • Turn complex emotions into powerful affirmations for social change
  • Create Chants and infectious songs for social justice movements

Song & Play

Songs and movement for PRE K & K


  • Children’s songs in diverse languages
  • Storytime in increase multicultural awareness
  • Call & Response Ear training
  • Students will receive a printable to color
  • Rhythm, motive & cognitive skill development

Meet The Founder

Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, MC, Workshop facilitator, Vocal producer, Edutainer, motivational speaker and is the founder of The Muniversity Studies online Programs! She has been traveling as an artist/activist/edutainer for the past 15 years, inspiring and impacting young people through the arts!  Resume below!

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